Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The FOSSASIA Summit is an annual conference on open technologies and society. The event offers lectures and workshops and various events on a multitude of topics.

MySQL-world's most popular open source database, has been registering its presence in FOSSASIA since 2014. Developers (like me), who play daily with MySQL source code, go there and share their knowledge about new features and various other topics related to MySQL.

Last year in 2017, we had a full day dedicated to MySQL talks/workshop which was attended by very serious users/customers of MySQL. We also had 'bird-of-a-feather' session in which customers/users got a chance to have in-depth discussion directly with developers on various topics of interest. And it was very much appreciated/enjoyed by both, customers/users as well as we developers.

This year, in 2018, again we are ready to register our presence in FOSSASIA, 2018 summit which is scheduled from 22nd March-25th March at Singapore. We have number of MySQL talks lined up where we'll speak about various MySQL topics.

#TopicSpeakerDateTime Duration
1Breaking through with MySQL 8.0Ricky SetyawanMarch, 245:00 pm25 Mins
2Atomic DDL in MySQL 8.0Shipra JainMarch, 2510:00 am25 Mins
3MySQL for Distributed transaction and Usage of JSON as a fusion between SQL & NOSQLAjo RobertMarch, 2510:30 am25 Mins
4Histograms and the way we use it in MySQL 8.0Amit BhattacharyaMarch, 2511:00 am25 Mins
5What's new in MySQL Optimizer 8.0Chaithra GopalareddyMarch, 251:00 pm25 Mins
6MySQL: Improving Connection SecurityHarin VadodariaMarch, 251:30 pm25 Mins
7New Replication Features in MySQL 8.0Venkatesh DuggiralaMarch, 252:00 pm25 Mins
8Improved Error Logging in MySQL 8.0Praveenkumar HMarch, 252:30 pm25 Mins
9The State of the Art on MySQL Group ReplicationHemant DangiMarch, 253:00 pm25 Mins
10Enhanced XA Support for Replication in MySQL-5.7Nisha PGMarch, 253:30 pm25 Mins
11MySQL Performance Schema - A great insight of running MySQL ServerMayank PrasadMarch, 254:00 pm25 Mins

So be there and get most out of MySQL @ FOSSASIA, 2018.

See you there. :-)

Conference details : https://2018.fossasia.org/
Complete schedule/Venue : https://2018.fossasia.org/event/tracks.html

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