Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MySQL User Camp happening @ Bangalore

Yet another MySQL User Camp is here ... Last MySQL user camp was held on 22nd of March, 2013 and it went very well. Introduction of MySQL India Team followed by MySQL 5.6 Presentation was very well received by attendees.

Best part was informal discussion with MySQL enthusiasts (with donuts and juices in our plate ;-) ) who are keen to know more and more about MySQL. I got to meet people who were very interested in MySQL Performance Schema and were willing to know how to use it and what benefits it provides to users. And more importantly "How it works".

Looking at the attendees response, it was decided to have this "MySQL User Camp" in every 3 months. So here is the time, 19th June 2013, A Wednesday, we are having another MySQL User camp. And looking at curiosity of attendees last time, I am speaking about MySQL Performance Schema, area where I work in MySQL.

And there is more. A session about MySQL InnoDB storage Engine which is default storage engine in MySQL now (earlier MyISAM was MySQL default storage engine).

And ofcourse, all these followed by informal discussion over snacks. :)

Here is the link having detailed information about MySQL User Camp.

So explore this opportunity to come and meet MySQL Developers and Users. Registration is free. Don't forget to send mail to register yourself.

See you all there ....

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  1. Performance Schema will be be one of the most used techniques to identify database performance hitch. Looking forward for the session!